Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle Containment is designed to meet the demand of high power density & low PUE in data center,cold aisle containment with rows of cabinets prevents cold supply air from the CRAC units from mixing with hot exhaust air. And each cabinet is fitted with blanking plates, ensuring that cold air has to pass via a piece of equipment. Stopping bypass air flow through racks and floor.
The closed channel manages airflow,improves the overall cooling efficiency. It will improve 60% airflow performance and 60% heat dissipation efficiency.


  • Energy saving

Save up to 40% energy consumption compared to traditional data center

  • Rapid deployment and expansion

Most parts of the aisle containment components are modular designed, modular design supports demand-based construction and step-by-step implementation and shortens the construction period, which allows quick deployment on site ,location changing and future expansion.

  • Various door optionals

Manual rotating door ,Semi-automatic or Full-automatic sliding doors are available. Sensor, password,fingerprint or wipe card door access locking system.

Separate controlled switch device at the roof ceiling, which can make test by each row-based modular as unit.
Light installation is optional.

  • High-lever intelligent

Flip skylight design on roof ceiling, to be connected with fire protection through intelligent control box. The skylight will automatically flip , when fire signal received.
And fire-extinguishing gas will come into aisle, without conflict to the existing fire protection system.


● This Cold Aisle Containment is combined with S series floor cabinet, cold aisle door, cold aisle top cover and cold aisle blanking panels.
● The cold aisle door could be manual sliding door or auto electrical door
● Tope cover is made of transparent plexiglass for maximum illumination
● Top cover magnetic lock system is controlled by fire extinguishing system, in the case of fire and power failure, the top covers will open by its own weight, makes the system safer.
● Hexagonal perforated front and rear door offer perforated rate up to 75%, better for air flow
● Brush on cold aisle door offer better containment seal performance

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