Container Data Center

Container Data Center is a solution for outdoor data center infrastructure, which can be quick deployment in a short time via factory pre-fabrication. These container data centers can be used in various industries and scenarios, they can also be used as an independent disaster recovery data center, which is the best solution for outdoor small data center

Safety and Reliability

  • Fully enclosed design and compliance with IP55, apply to various working conditions.
  • Redundancy design of key equipment to ensure the system running stably.
  • With multi-level automatic alarm function, providing voice alarm, telephone voice alarm, network video surveillance, etc.
  • Built-in automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing device to prevent and control fire in time.

Intelligent Management

  • The centralized monitoring system monitors the status of running, the mains, the ambient temperature, etc.
  • Support various alarms, including audible & visual alarms, SMS, telephone, email, etc.
  • Using the remote monitoring platform to realize unattended operation and minimize the operation and maintenance costs.

Quick deployment

  • Integrated power distribution, cooling system, cabinets, sealed aisles, monitoring, firefighting and other major subsystems, factory pre-integration and pre-commissioning, shortening the delivery time.
  • All components is comply with domestic and international technical standards, support plug and play and easy to be installed. Also, it meets the code of international transportation, and can be shipped all over the world.
  • Fully enclosed structure, sealed hot and cold aisles, improving cooling usage, reducing consumption and saving energy.
    Using high-efficiency power modular, the UPS system efficiency is up to 96.7%.
  • Self-developed row precision air conditioner with double EC fans and electronic expansion valve and variable frequency driver, more energy-saving.

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