Find the Right Server Rack Manufacturers: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s talk about server racks. If you are a business owner, it is something you don’t know you need. But as the world evolves and business becomes even more competitive, you need to put your money on things that will be beneficial to your workspace. And of course, to your overall success as a business. So, out of all the things you need to do, finding the right server rack manufacturers is one of them.

I get it. You have a lot of questions: What is a server rack exactly? Why do I need a server rack? How do I find the right server rack manufacturers?

Well, we are here to help you out. We will answer all of your questions one by one. And by the end of this post, you will know exactly what to do in choosing the right server rack manufacturers for your business.

What is a server rack?
To simply put it, a server rack, also known as a rack cabinet or equipment rack, is specifically designed to organize IT production equipment into a standardized configuration maximizing the use of space in your workplace. It’s plain and simple. It keeps all the data source that you use for your business in a secured area.

Imagine an ordinary file cabinet that you already have within the premises. It stores all your hardware equipment. Servers stand as the equivalent of all your file organizers that you are currently using. But like many other small companies, the big challenge here is the space that can accommodate the equipment. Well, tight space is fine, for as long as you have a proper server rack that can do the trick.

3 Main Types of Server Rack:

Basically, a server rack consists of two or four vertical mounting rails. It also has a supporting framework that will keep the rails intact. This structure is typically made of steel or aluminum that can support an adequate amount of weight for the equipment. Other types of server racks may include horizontal rails for extra support.

  1. Open Server Racks – this open-air structure is typically used in a server data room where network wiring closets with high-density cabling are put in place. It is designed to make easy installation and equipment maintenance with open spaces more convenient for cable management.  This is ideal for IT equipment that doesn’t need added airflow control or physical security. This type of rack can either be a two or four vertical mounting rails.
  2. Enclosure Racks – also known as rack cabinet, it has a removable front and rear doors, side panels and four adjustable vertical mounting rails that can be locked to provide physical equipment security. Since the equipment are stored in a closed location, it needs proper ventilation for air cooling. This is an ideal set up for heavier and hotter equipment that has higher wattages per rack. It is the best choice for high-density server rooms.
  3. Wall Mount Racks – this smaller sized rack server type is designed to be attached to the wall to save floor space. It is ideal for a small-based workplace or even for existing server rooms that need additional space for storing network equipment such as fiber patch panels and switches.  This cost-effective option can also provide secure storage of communications cabling, network gear, and other equipment on a wall—freeing up counter space.

In the industry, there are standard sizes for server racks. It has a 19″ front panel and usually, it has in three standard widths: 19”, 23”, 24”. But it does not have to end at that. There are different designs, types, and sizes that fall under a server rack. Materials are also a crucial factor. And most importantly, the quality is something you need to be sure about.

There are a lot of server rack manufacturers out there—and one important thing you need to put on your checklist is that the manufacturer must have an extensive range of products that fit your business needs.

Why do you need it?
IT installation is necessary for any business. And server racks are used to achieve high density as it can facilitate the consolidation of different network equipment in an organized, safe and efficient manner.

Now, think about this scenario… It is a Monday morning, and you just got in the office with a coffee on hand. You are in a good mood. You are motivated and ready to conquer the day, be productive and finish all the things that need to be done. Then suddenly, IT people say that the system is down and all files and data are gone. Believe me, it happened to me several times!

So, if you’re installing servers in your office and wants to put up your business data in one room, make sure you have the right server rack that can support and secure your hardware equipment. The room must have proper ventilation to keep it from overheating and get rid of dust, water, and debris. You don’t know what might happen. It is best to be ready all the time. And you don’t want to experience that exact same thing—to lose everything, then start from scratch and go to old hard copy files like a dog searching for a bone.

What are the benefits of a server rack?
For a business network system, servers are the most significant component. And that being said, you need to have a solid structure that can properly support and protect your most important equipment. If you want efficiency and safety, then you need it and you need to find the best server rack manufacturer that provide the materials just perfectly.
From a technical standpoint, servers need to be lined up on a big table so they can be set up in a specific location. But that will take out space and somehow look disorganized. That’s why it is recommendable that you use server racks. This cabinet-style frame utilizes space and declutters future misfortune that can come to your servers.

To simplify it, setting up a server room with the use of server racks will help you and your business.

I will give you three concrete benefits of using server racks:

  • Increase Performance
  • If you want to secure your IT equipment and make it beneficial for your business operation, then you must have a properly ventilated room to store all your servers. Good server rack manufacturers know these things. They know that good airflow will help stop possible overheating of the equipment. They can provide suitable options, in terms of size, design, and material type.

Increase Security

Some features of server racks are its locked panels—to keep uninvited objects and/or unwanted people out. Find server rack manufacturers that can provide this feature.

Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is another thing that server racks can provide for you. Because it makes the server placed in an organized manner, it will be easy to take care of it. Look for manufacturers who have an extensive customer service that offers proper maintenance of its products.

Step by Step Guide: How to Choose the Right Server Rack Manufacturer?

Define what you need.

The first you need to do is define what you need. So ask yourself, “What exactly am I looking for?” There are a lot of things to consider here as mentioned earlier:

Increase the performance of your servers.

  • Increase the security of your network system.
  • Easy maintenance.

These are necessities that should be defined first and foremost. Then dissect each of it, and list down key points and features that you need. Identify the aspects that make a server rack based on your preference in terms of size, material, quality, and its unique features.

Do research.

To actually look for the right server rack manufacturers, you will need to do some probing. Once you have defined what you need, it will be easier for you to find the perfect match. Go and Google it. Also, ask around, for sure you will find something interesting.

But the most important tip that I can provide for you is to find a manufacturer that has it all. Choose server rack manufacturers that have a wide range of products and has consistency in terms of branding, quality, and service. SunTech is a good example. They offer an extensive selection of products that are dedicated to servers. From size to material variations, they have it.

Make a list of manufacturers.

Once you have done your research, don’t forget to list down all the manufacturers that you find. When you are making the list, fill it with all the necessary details: name, contact number, email, price range, and their best qualities. You need to know all these things to make the right choice.

Think of it like doing your grocery list or your to-do list. It will give an overall background of what all these server rack manufacturers can offer you. From that point, you will see and pin exactly what you need from them to make your server and network system safe and secure.


What you’ve heard from people’s recommendations or what you have found on the internet might not be exactly as they are in real life. So you need to be critical about it and do further research. And to inquire is the best way to do it.

In your list, you have all their details. The next thing you want to do is to contact all these server rack manufacturers. Send them an email or make a call. Make sure you will ask all the necessary questions when you do so. You probably have a specific preference—size, quality, and materials—and you need to know if they can provide it for you.

Let them do the sales talk. Then evaluate and asses what’s the best offer they can give to help you declutter, organize and protect your company’s servers—and actually save your business from future troubles.

Compare and Contrast.

This is the most important part of the process. Well, aside from making the decision.

You need to weigh everything. Think through it. As you do so, you will find a standout of all these manufacturers. It will be easier because you have done your assignment. You did your research and made further inquiries. An in-depth analysis is what you need.

Okay, it might sound profound but you need to go through it again and again. Because we are talking about servers here, your company’s network system. It is somehow the backbone of your organization. And you need to find the best server rack manufacturer, or else you will find yourself in an office nightmare.

The security of your servers is the assurance of your business success. So do all of this and make your analysis, then you will reward yourself with peace of mind.

Make a decision.

So, this is the final step. This is the moment. You now need to make the right decision. After going through all those—reading this, doing your research, and making your inquiries, you will be sure that you are making a good decision. With all that effort, you will be assured of the security and safety of your equipment for your business operation. And for sure, you will know the right server rack manufacturer for you and your business.

So make the call or send that email. Say that you need them to help you build the perfect server racks.

In any kind of decision-making process, the most important thing we should consider is to answer our own questions. By doing so, we are helping ourselves to figure out what we need and what we want. May it be finding the right people to help you with your business, or even choosing the right server rack manufacturer, it all starts with self-inquiry. It can define the flow of your operation, then the success of your business will follow.

So do what you have to do to protect it, from the smallest thing to life-defining decisions you will make for your company. To wrap it all up, just remember: look for something that will give you options. Then from there, you will never run out of choices.

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